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Boca Raton Pool Remodeling Services

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Are you planning on starting a pool and patio remodeling project in Boca Raton? If so, then it’s best to get the job done by our experts at Excel Pool & Patio Solutions.

We’ve got years of experience along with a deep passion for anything pool-related. Look to us for ways to remodel your pool and the patio surrounding it for the sake of aesthetics as well as functionality.

If your budget is tight, then pool and patio remodeling in Boca Raton can be hard. Thankfully, we are very flexible when it comes to money matters. Our team will work around your financial constraints to deliver the best remodeling project that’s based on your current budget.

Great Ways To Remodel Your Pool

You can remodel your swimming pool in a plethora of ways. With that being said, you should know there are two kinds of remodeling jobs.

The first one improves your swimming pool’s aesthetics. Meanwhile, the second one adds functional elements to improve your overall swimming experience.

Aesthetic Swimming Pool Remodeling

  • Constructing a jacuzzi, hot tub, or water spa.
  • Installing a fun slide for the kids.
  • Adding a diving board.
  • Erecting eye-catching rock formations.
  • Planting new trees around your pool.
  • Building water features such as fountains.
  • Altering your pool’s size, design, and shape.

Functional Swimming Pool Remodeling

  • Renewing your pool’s old plumbing system.
  • Installing a water heater.
  • Replacing the tiles of your swimming pool.
  • Moving over to a saltwater system.
  • Adding newer, more efficient lights.
  • Setting up an automatic pool cover.

Awesome Patio Remodeling Ideas

It wouldn’t be right for your pool to look great but for the patio surrounding it to not. Luckily, our team also handles patio remodeling projects. As a matter of fact, we specialize in them.

Tell us your idea of what you want and we shall commit ourselves to get it done. We will not consider our job to be done until you’re satisfied.

Below are some awesome patio remodeling ideas:

  • Adding a beautiful pergola.
  • Constructing a suntanning deck.
  • Laying out an outdoor pathway.
  • Renew the landscaping around your pool.
  • Install a permanent swimming pool cover.
  • Erecting an outdoor viewing deck.

The Bottom Line

If you’re looking to remodel your pool and patio in Baton Roca, then look no further than Excel Pool & Patio Solutions. Consult with us and create a plan. Following that, our team shall make that plan come true.

Before you know it, you’ll have the dream outdoor space that you’ve always wanted. Summers will never be the same. It will be possible to create great memories with the kids or throw the best pool parties in the neighborhood. Simply leave remodeling to us and all that is certain.

Our workflow is simplicity at it’s best.

1. Consultation

2. Planning

3. Execution

Contact our pool pros today to receive a free consultation and pool inspection.

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